how CBD oil changed my life

How CBD oil changed my life

It started the same way you probably heard about CBD.  A friend of a friend had tried this new “hemp” product and it had worked wonders for their stress levels and sleep. But what was it? CBD? What the heck does that stand for. It sounded more like a code for an airport than a miracle remedy. I had the same questions our customers ask us every day, is it legal? Yes. Is it addictive? No. Will it get me high? No. How do I take it? This is the story of me, Daisy Kim, and how CBD oil changed my life.

My friend recommended a high-strength CBD oil from Holland & Barrett and I was on my way. Unfortunately, the product was so expensive, if it did not “work” right away, there was zero chance of repurchase.   Luckily, it did work, not really in the ways I expected though.  I seemed calmer, but I also did not really understand why. A search of the internet did not yield many concrete results on the effectiveness of CBD.  But I kept taking it anyways.


How CBD oil changed my life

As my quality of life improved, and my stress levels dropped, I began to experiment with full-spectrum hemp oils versus isolates.  I found the full-spectrum oil provided a much better overall experience.  I found the dosing that works for me, and CBD oil became apart of my daily regiment, nearly as important as that glass of water in the morning. But it was a process. I learnt no size fits all for CBD. Each of us has a unique endocannabinoid system (ECS), and some of us have less endogenous cannabinoids than others. This means all things being equal, the person with the less active ECS will need to take more CBD to achieve the same level of balance. Outside of testing your ECS through lab tests, the only way to get this right is through trial and error.

It does not take as long as you would think. After six weeks of consistently using CBD oil, there should be some noticeable changes. If not, you can up the dosage or change like I did to a full-spectrum product, which may have terpenes in there to enhance your experience. There are no claims anybody (including us) can make about CBD as there has not been enough science-backed clinical studies. As a result, you will mostly see vague language about the potential benefits of CBD.


Recent studies support CBD claims

However, there are ongoing studies going on around the globe. A recent study out of Germany, demonstrated that in mice with no ECS, taking CBD helped reduced low-level stress. In science-speak “Overall, the results confirm that CB1 signalling protects the organism from the physical and emotional harm of social stress and implicates ECS-mediated modulation of microglia in the development of stress-related pathologies”. This is a promising conclusion and helps support the anecdotal evidence on CBD. There will be more studies and more results coming in the months and years ahead. For now, I will continue to take my Ayucana CBD oil as it works for me. I am calmer, sleep better and generally much happier. I am not going to overthink my own results, but please share your experiences with us at GreenBox!