How long does cbd oil take to work uk

How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work? 4 Surprising Factors to Consider

You may start noticing CBD oil’s effects a few minutes to a couple hours after consumption. 

The exact duration depends on: 

Let’s explore everything you need to know about how long CBD oil takes to work. 

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How Long Does CBD Oil Take to Work?

For CBD (cannabidiol) oil to work:

  • Your body must first absorb it into the bloodstream
  • Once it’s in the bloodstream, it’s transported to the endocannabinoid system (ECS), where the cannabinoid receptors work their magic. 

Various factors determine how long this process takes, starting with the method of consumption:

1. CBD Consumption Methods

There are several ways you can take CBD oil:

A) Sublingual 

You place CBD oil drops or use CBD oral spray under your tongue. 

The salivary glands below your tongue absorb CBD and quickly transfer it to the bloodstream (about 15-30 minutes).  

B) Ingestion 

CBD edibles (like a CBD capsule) containing CBD oil can take 1.5-4 hours to reach their peak.


They have lower bioavailability as they have to pass through your digestive system.

C) Inhalation 

When you inhale CBD oil (vaping or inhalers), the effects will kick in as soon as 3 minutes afterward. 

The lungs are full of absorbent tissue, so CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream faster.

The effects of a CBD vape are more substantial due to the bioavailability being around 70%.

D) Transdermal 

Transdermal CBD products (like skin CBD patches) transfer CBD into the bloodstream via your skin. 

The effects of CBD transdermal products can take around an hour. However, the results are stronger and long-lasting.

E) Topical 

Depending on their strength, you may feel the effects 15 minutes to an hour after applying the CBD lotion or cream.

Topical CBD products such as Infinity’s CBD Massage Oil or the CERIOUS Muscle Relief Balm are rubbed into the skin. 


CERIOUS Muscle Relief Balm

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2. The Type Of CBD 

There are three types of CBD:

  • Full spectrum CBD oil products have the strongest potency and deliver quicker effects.  But they contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), making them illegal in the UK. 
  • Want a stronger potency but worried about THC showing up on a drug test?
    Go for a high-quality broad spectrum CBD or CBD isolate product.  

Broad spectrum CBD oil products have the same potency as full spectrum CBD oils, minus THC. So the CBD effects show up faster.

CBD isolate is pure CBD extract from the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa). As it has the lowest potency, the effects tend to be slower.

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3. The Dosage and Quality

The higher the amount of CBD product you take, the quicker you may start feeling the effects. 

The efficacy also depends on the quality of the CBD oil it contains. 

Wondering how to find a high-quality CBD oil product?

Here are some tips to help you out:

  1. Don’t confuse hemp oil with CBD oil (hemp seed oil contains no active CBD). 
  2. Trustworthy CBD companies will provide analysis from third-party lab testing.
  3. Ensure the product lists the amount of CBD in milligrams.

4. Biological Factors 

This one is harder to pinpoint as it depends on each individual’s biological makeup, body weight, and metabolism. 

Some people experience the effects of cannabis oil immediately, while others take a while before noticing any CBD health benefits. 

GreenBox recommends:

  • Start with a small dose of CBD. 
  • Pay attention to how your body responds to it.
  • Then work your way up to a higher dose.

Quick Tip: Calculate your CBD dosage with our free-to-use CBD dosage calculator

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Enjoy The Benefits Of CBD With The Best CBD Oil In The UK

From the consumption method to your unique biological makeup, various factors affect the amount of time CBD oil takes to work. 

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