how long does cbd last

How long does CBD last?

How long does CBD last? The answer is, it depends!  First off, CBD oil in UK is completely legal and will not trigger a positive drug test even if in the system.  At the beginning of 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from the list of prohibited substances. So why does it depend?  There are a three main factors:

  • The method of delivery
  • The duration of dosing
  • Your own endocannabinoid system (ECS)


Different CBD delivery methods

There are multiple ways to administer cannabidiol to our bodies, such as sublingual tinctures, oral ingestion, topicals and transdermal patches. Each method of delivery has a different level of absorption by our bodies and ECS. The amount that is absorbed by the body compared to how much is dosed is called its “bioavailability”. An ingested product passes through the digestive system and the liver first which means only a small fraction gets absorbed by the body, call it 6-10%. This is often still enough to realize its positive effects.

Sublingual tinctures offer slightly better bioavailability as dosing is under the tongue and some of the CBD may be absorbed by the tiny blood vessels inside the mouth.   Taking an oil or edible with food containing fat can help improve absorption rates as CBD is fat loving. However, the best bioavailability comes from CBD absorbed directly into the bloodstream via a mechanism like transdermal patches. Of course, these products are more medical and hence not widely available online or in the pharmacy.


The duration of dosing and your ECS

At GreenBox, we often get feedback from customers that there is no effect after a few days of dosing. This is common. It can take weeks to load the body with a base level of CBD. It often takes 3 to 6 months of dosing on a regular basis to see a significant effect.  People can see a benefit after 1-2 weeks, but if you stop taking the CBD the benefits will soon disappear again. This is because each of our ECS’s are different.  If your ECS is not in balance, taking CBD can often have an immediate effect and bring stability back.  However, when the body is already calm, the impact of CBD may be less obvious.


How long does it last?

But how long does CBD last in the body? Some studies suggest about 50% lasts 1-2 days in the body when taken orally. The regular use of CBD products results in the remainder building up in the body’s fatty tissue over time for long-term release. Therefore, it is important to stick with a dosing routine, and to go low and slow until a desired outcome is achieved. Make use of our handy dosage calculator if you’d like some guidance on how much to does.