national cbd day

How National CBD Day Came To Be

Yes, National CBD Day is a thing. It falls on August 8th every year. On this day we recognise CBD for all the many positive health and wellbeing benefits it can bring people. It is also a day to raise awareness, so more and more people can learn about CBD and if it could help them too. But how did it all start? Let’s find out.


The beginnings of National CBD Day

The term National CBD Day isn’t quite as alluring and infamous as 4/20 Day, i.e. 4th April, which is Cannabis Day. Still, give it time. National CBD Day marks only its third celebration in 2020. While 4/20 Day has been celebrated, marched for, and elevated for decades now. That began as an after-school weed smoking event in the 1970’s by a group of Californian high school students. That’s definitely a more seedy backstory than for CBD Day!

In fact, it was cbdMD, a North Carolina CBD brand, who took it upon themselves to register August 8th as a national day for CBD oil. They did this back in 2018. The process is simply a matter of stating one’s case for your new national day to the National Day Calendar. Apparently, this group receives an incredible 20,000 applications each year for a new celebration day.

A committee composed of 4 individuals have to all agree on a new proposed day before it is formally inaugurated. I’m sure you’re all thinking about what national day you could christen and how to do it. We’ve made you’re life easier and you can use this official form to make your application!


Just another marketing gimmick?

cbdMD could be accused of this, especially if we put our cynical hat on. Many other CBD companies mark the day with special discounts too. But we think that’s okay, as ultimately it is building awareness for a remarkable plant extract that is still not well known. We’ll be encouraging our audiences to try some of the GreenBox range in due course too.

And it’s hardly unusual either. Amazon started Prime Day back in 2015. It’s a 24 hour binge on pretty much anything you’d ever dreamed of buying, but everything’s cheaper. 2019 saw 175 million (that’s right, million) items bought. And the most popular US item? A LifeStraw Personal Water Filter. Go figure.


let’s hope National CBD Day becomes as established as 4/20 and better. It stands for something good, and a little celebration is always a great thing.