How to store CBD oil

How To Store CBD Oil For Maximum Shelf-Life (Proven Tips, FAQs)

Always store CBD oil in a cool, dry and dark place to keep it fresh and effective for a long period. 

Like most wellness products, CBD oil expires. Its average shelf life is 14-24 months, which could be much shorter if not stored properly.

Let’s explore the exact science behind storing CBD oil properly…

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How to Store CBD Oil to Extend Its Shelf Life? 

Use these storage tips to preserve the freshness and potency of your cannabidiol oil for longer:

  • Keep your bottle of CBD oil in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.
  • Store your oil at room temperature, ideally around 60-70°F (16-21°C). 
  • If you’re in a hot and humid region, it’s best to refrigerate your CBD drops.
  • Always keep your CBD oil in its original packaging.
  • Take your CBD drops with a clean dropper or spoon to prevent contamination.
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How Does CBD Storage Affect Its Shelf Life?

Research shows that CBD extract is sensitive to light, air exposure, and high temperatures. 

Understanding how these factors affect the shelf life of CBD oil can help you store it properly.

A. Heat

Studies suggest that storing CBD oil at temperatures above 21°C can change its chemical composition and compromise its potency. 


High temperatures can degrade cannabinoids and terpenes in the oil prematurely, turning the oil murky. 

So tuck away your CBD oil bottles in a cool place, away from heat emitting appliances like ovens and room heaters. 

Pro Tip: if you’re buying CBD oil in bulk, refrigerate them to ensure safe long-term storage. 

But as lower temperatures can increase the oil’s viscosity, you may need to run it under warm water before use.

B. Sunlight

The UV rays in the sunlight can deteriorate the cannabinoid and terpene content in the oil.

You don’t want your high-quality CBD oil to lose all its therapeutic goodness, right? 

So keep your oil bottle in a dark place, away from windows and direct sunlight. 

Also, buy oils packed in dark-hued glass bottles. It can better protect them from light exposure than clear bottles.

C. Air

Frequent air exposure can oxidise cannabidiol oil and degrade its quality.

To prevent this:

  • Always keep a CBD oil product in its original airtight container 
  • Close the lid tightly after every use 

In a nutshell: 

Without proper storage, even the best CBD oil may not give you the desired effect or last a long time. 

The same goes for any CBD product, including CBD tincture, CBD edibles, and CBD topicals (CBD balm, cream, or lotion.) 

Fortunately, CBD products from reputed brands, like Love Hemp and Vitality, are packed in medical-grade, dark-hued and airtight bottles for longer shelf-life.

3 FAQs Around CBD Storage

Some common questions related to storing CBD oil are:

1. How Long Can You Store CBD Oil After Opening?

GreenBox recommends using CBD oil within six months of opening the bottle. 

Just don’t forget to store the CBD product in the original container under optimal storage conditions.

2. How to Tell if CBD Oil Has Expired?

You can tell an expired CBD oil from its murky appearance and rotten smell. 

You may also notice a difference in the taste, especially if you’re used to the flavour of the carrier oil ( olive oil, MCT oil, or coconut oil).

3. Can Expired CBD Oil Make You Sick?

Expired CBD oil is not known to cause any side effects. 

However, CBD in cannabis or hemp plant extract may convert to THC over time, an addictive psychoactive substance. 

So when you consume a CBD oil product past its expiration date, you could be unknowingly ingesting THC

Note: If you experience adverse effects after ingesting an expired hemp or cannabis product, seek medical advice immediately.

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Make Your CBD Oils Last Longer!

With proper storage, you can get the best out of CBD oil or tincture without compromising on its freshness and potency.

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