Muscle Pain: Causes, Natural Remedies & Prevention

Biology class 101- we’ve all sat there in wonderment as we study the muscles that make up our body. Trying to get our heads around the different functionalities of all the groups and sets. The troubles that can befall them… Then, we grow older, and the class becomes a reality as our busy lifestyles lead to a plethora of aches and strains. Crippling can barely get down the stairs calf pain. Searing neck and back cricks. Sharp twinges that run through you like an electric current. Crunching midsection aches. Knee and hip spasms… Yet, what causes these common cramps? Is there a way to soothe them? In this post, we’ll explore the natural route to muscle relief and preventing these unwanted pains.

The Culprits

There are many reasons why we experience aches and pains in our muscles.

  • Intense workouts- from high-intensity cardio to leg day
  • Poor posture- from sleeping in a funny position to slumping at your desk
  • Health conditions- from arthritis to fibromyalgia
  • Stress- from hyperactivity to stiffening tension
  • Injury- from doing sport to heavy-duty labour

All the above can be a result of inflammation, injured tissue, nerve irritation or not exactly have an obvious cause (known as functional pain). Regardless of the problem, no one should have to deal with discomfort. There is of course a wide variety of medical, pharmaceutical, and surgical options out there. Nonetheless, here at GreenBox, we believe in the incredibly rich powers of natural remedies as an alternative or to work alongside the above methods.

Below is a selection of our recommendations for you to try…

Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain Relief


This sumptuously soothing solution is packed full of skin-loving goodness – hemp, arnica flower and cork oak root extracts amongst others are wonderful anti-inflammatory activators. This high quality trusted brand also offers a concentrated Muscle Relief Serum – perfect for targeting localised aches.

Another reputable brand – this sensational salve has an impressive ingredient list including shea and cocoa butters for a silky finish. Then there are blends of peppermint, eucalyptus and camphor which work in tandem with the CBD to calm fatigued muscles after heavy workouts.

If you’re on the hunt for a recovery product then this specially formulated CBD muscle rub is for you. It has been worked on by former professional rugby players and is brilliant for alleviating inflammation so that you can get back to training in no time!


From plant-based pros, these sublime shots will help to boost your immunity and could improve your overall wellbeing. The CBD, curcumin and crocus combos can bring about lots of potential health benefits.

If you’re looking to get your body in a healthy balance, then these revitalising drops are a great option. Infused with CBD and vitamin D3, these drops will promote regrowth and have you ready for the rigours of your daily routine.

Muscle Pain Prevention Tips

Given that everyone is unique and has their own set of experiences with muscle pains, the best place to start is with your doctor or healthcare professional. However, implementing a few doable and natural approaches could also really help to lessen soreness. As well as incorporating our above suggestions you should:

  • ALWAYS warm up and cool down after workouts with lighter activities and stretches
  • Try using hot/cold packs
  • Slip into a nice warm bath, you could even add gorgeously anti-inflammatory CBD bath bomb and CBD Epsom bath salts
  • Take some time to really chill out, disconnect and destress
  • Treat yourself to massages/ spa days/ home pampering sessions

Overall, there is no shame in being aware of your pains and practising self-care to help alleviate them. If you would like to learn more about how the potent purity of plants could aid you in your journey to calmness, recovery, and muscle relief, then please feel free to browse our website and get in touch with us here at GreenBox.