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CBD snack bar Nooro

The team from Nooro sent us some samples of their CBD snack bars way back in January during the darkest depths of the lockdown. We fell in love with the flavours with our preference for the dark chocolate and cherry. It is also a great new way to get our daily dose of CBD post our daily run. We are excited to be able to add these snack bars to the GreenBox line-up, with three different flavours from which to choose. Here is some background on the brand, and a few key questions answered.

Who are Nooro CBD snack bars?

Nooro is a new kind of snack bar company, combining fresh and clean ingredients with CBD and other nootropics to help boost your flow state. The products are vegan & gluten free and use only natural sugars with no additives.

What is flow state?

Often referred to as being in the “zone” by athletes, this is when you are in such a focused mental state that it all seems easy.   Whether its sport or work, your productivity levels improve, the quality of your work spikes and you enjoy a feeling that there is no task you couldn’t handle. For some of us, these flow states are rare, but we would of course love to have more of them. The team at Nooro have specifically designed their product to help boost your mental performance. This can encourage more flow states and help to make you happier and more productive.

What are nootropics?

The importance of optimal brain function gets lots of attention these days. Nootropics are often referred to as cognitive enhancers or more simply compounds that help improve brain performance. There are many known natural and organic plant-based compounds that can help us focus better. For example, green and black tea contain an amino acid called L-Theanine.  This amino acid could help reduce stress and improve sleep. These are two critical factors to help boost brain performance. Another example is Maca, also known as Peruvian ginseng and could improve energy and stamina. Both hero ingredients form the basis of the Nooro snack bar formulations.

What is a CBD snack bar?

You may see CBD added to beverages, chocolates or even coffee these days.  A lot of this can seem like a gimmick, but Nooro is setting out to change this perception. There is a benefit to doing what is known as “stacking”. Which is layering CBD on top of other nootropic ingredients. The nootropics help target cognitive performance and enhance serotonin levels. The CBD acts like a supercharger helped ease inflammation and allowing the endocannabinoids in your body to work longer. We like taking CBD in this format as its easy to have as a snack mid-afternoon or post a workout. Whereas oils and capsules can be a lot tougher to carry around. Give it a try today!