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Simply CBD Guarantee

What makes GreenBox different from the other online places to buy CBD?  We do the hard work for you. While some sites could be selling 100’s of similar products, we curate a selection of products to avoid overlap and ensure each CBD infused product delivers something unique. Whether that is formulation, technology or value.   We like to call it our Simply CBD Guarantee.


Making CBD simple for you

#1 Talk to the experts

We have tried EVERY product on the site and are happy to offer product recommends through our online chat or e-mail us at  A few new brands approach us every week.  What sets us apart from the CBD “super” stores is we know our brands and our products.  The Simply CBD Guarantee gives you access to our expertise at any time in the future.


#2 Start low and go slow

UK health guidelines are not to exceed more than 70 mg of CBD per day.  Although there has not been a conclusive study showing higher levels are harmful to humans. Still, we recommend starting off with a low dose, maybe 20 mg, and seeing how you fare. We have a handy CBD calculator available to any potential customer, too. It easily figures out the dosage based on the strength you’ve decided on.


#3 Three simple letters, not so simple origins

While CBD comes from an ancient plant, its relative newness as a wellness ingredient means consumer information about it is somewhat sparse.  The provenance of the CBD is important, while processing techniques and genetics play a vital role in quality.  All of this impacts the potential effectiveness of it and how you might respond.

We hear a lot from customers who have tried other CBD products that did not work or worse yet gave them a headache!  Producing CBD can be done quite cheaply in isolate form versus broad spectrum.  While these are usually the high strength and better priced products you see for sale at the local shop or on the internet. Do not be fooled. High strength does not always equal more effective. It can have the exact opposite effect at higher strength than it does at lower strengths!  We source from high-quality producers, who adhere to our sourcing guidelines.


#4 Give CBD time

It can take 4-6 weeks for the bodily system to adjust to daily CBD supplements.  While you may notice an impact immediately, long-lasting change comes with daily usage over a long duration and adjusting dosage as needed. So, when setting out on your CBD journey, be prepared to try it for 4-6 weeks, and no less.

#5 Price

We have provided per dose price numbers across GreenBox. This means consumers can compare different strength and sized products on a like-for-like basis.  The higher cost per dose indicates the CBD oil is of a higher quality, either because of where it is grown or by process method.  The prices of some CBD products have started to moderate but expect to pay between £25-£40 for an appropriate product.


#6 Loyalty counts

At GreenBox, on top of starting with a new customer discount, we have the GreenPoints Loyalty program to reward customer loyalty. We value our customers and want to continue to serve you on your wellness journey.  The GreenPoints Loyalty programme helps your money go further while rewarding customers for trusting GreenBox for all their plant-based wellness needs.

Value of GreenPoints: 1 GreenPoint is worth 5p.

Earn GreenPoints: If you spend £100 you collect 100 GreenPoints, worth £5.

Spend GreenPoints: At the checkout spend GreenPoints to discount your purchase. Use them immediately or save them, they will not expire.


So, there you have it. These are just a few ways we have thought carefully about how to make the customer journey easier and better. CBD is an exciting plant extract and we are proud to be bringing great quality options to our customers. As we mentioned, if you have any queries about your wellness needs, you know where to find us! Simply reach out via email, chat or Instagram messages, and we will come back to you.