stress relief gifts

Stress Relief Gifts

We are celebrating our first Christmas in business. We therefore thought we would share with you a selection of favourites from us, the Founders. We’re probably all a little more stressed than usual, too. So we paid particular attention to the stress busters of the GreenBox range. Here are our top 10 stress relief gifts for the holiday. Enjoy!


The GreenBox Top 10 Stress Relief Gifts by Price

Wildtree Skincare Cleansing Organic Face Mask

Wunder Workshop Turmeric Tea – £5.99

We absolutely love what Wunder Workshop are doing with their efforts to support sustainable farming practices in the developing world. This is the most planet friendly tea out there, and a perfect present for the environmentally conscious person in your life. And it tastes great. We never seem to get the recommended 40 servings per tin, as we make heaping cups of anti-inflammatory goodness!


Vitality CBD Bath Bomb – £9.99

A popular product on the site, and an easy stocking stuffer for her or him. Epson salts with calming lavender and 100mg of CBD. They smell divine and give the water a delightful and calming purple hue. Perfect for a pampering Christmas eve with a glass of red. This is a no-brainer on the stress relief gifts list.


Wildtree Skincare Organic Cleansing Face Mask – £19.90

If you could describe a brand as “cosy” this would be it. We love the range and are big fans of this Moringa mask to help detoxify and smooth the skin. The active ingredient Moringa helps to slow down ageing by preventing wrinkles and free radical damage. It is also perfect to help the skin recover from too much champagne! Perhaps something for Boxing Day, alongside the next recommendation below…


Innermost Detox Booster – £24.95

Another hot selling item through the Autumn, we love the Innermost Detox booster. It’s been a game-changer for us during lockdown. An appropriate gift to get a January detox started on the right foot.  This vegan formulation targets free radicals and helps to maintain a healthy pH balance in the body.


KannaSwiss Daily Booster Shots – £29.99

A highly effective boost of CBD for any keen superfood smoothie maker’s arsenal. Buy this for the wellness fanatic in your life. For added fun, include our popular CBD smoothie recipe.


KannaSwiss Daily A-Zinc Gummies – £34.99

A lovely lime flavour and a great introduction product to CBD. Packed with vitamins and minerals such as Zinc to offer additional immune boosting properties. They taste great and are an easy way to add CBD to the daily ritual.


MGC Derma Hand Cream – £40.00

Dry hands from all that handwashing? Here is the answer. Infuse some CBD and you have a winning combination. This hand cream from MGC Derma gets rave reviews and is perfect for the NHS worker in your life (they wash their hands A LOT).


CERIOUS Muscle Relief Balm – £43.00

The co-creator of M.A.C created this brand to help support the wellness efforts of a father in California. And it works. It is the best CBD muscle balm we have tried on the market. Perfect for that super athletic friend, or even for those aches and pains from heading back to the gym after a long hiatus. The packaging is cool as well with a sustainable bamboo lid and glass jar.


OKI 600mg Everyday Capsules – £49.99

A top brand out of the US, where the capsule format is most popular. None of us can travel yet, so bring some California surf culture to the UK this Christmas. The product comes in three strengths: 600, 1200 and 1800 mg of CBD and adds in powerful Turmeric and MSM for good measure. We recommend the 600mg to get started.


Ayucana 1000mg CBD Oil – £59.99

For the CBD geek, this is our recommend. It’s expertly formulated with German precision and to EU pharmaceutical standards. The best CBD oil we have tried.


Now, sit back relax and start warming up for those multiple family games of “Articulate”.

KannaSwiss Daily Booster Shots