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The CBD Shop

We are all plant-based wellness, but we have a specific expertise in all cannabinoids including CBD.  We believe in a science backed approach and our industry connections help us pick up on new trends.  This is what makes us the number one CBD shop in the U.K.  In this monthly feature, we share our current views on CBD, the trends, and where we see the sector heading.

What is the future of CBD?

It is fair to say the “fad” phase of the CBD movement is over, but the die-hards who use and trust the products are still there. While guerrilla marketing campaigns make claims it can cure anxiety, help you sleep like a baby or instantly reduce inflammation, there is still not much of any official health claims any brand can make.  As a result, it remains the domain of small brands without much involvement from the large consumer packaged companies.

However, most of the big consumer companies are looking at adding CBD and other cannabinoids to their products. The big hurdle is still on the regulatory, as different countries have different rules on CBD. While it is completely legal in the UK and Europe, there are varying rules elsewhere.  For a global brand, this is an obstacle that is a bit too tough to overcome now. However, the big brands are trialling CBD in all sorts of products from make-up to beverages.

What about CBD consistency?

There is currently no domestic source of CBD in the U.K. due to licensing constraints controlled by our home office. Most of the CBD isolate or broad spectrum comes from the US, or parts of Eastern Europe like Poland. CBD imported from the US is currently slapped with a 25% import tariff. The government in the UK is working towards a framework to support a domestic industry. This is better for the environment and means a higher quality and trusted source of hemp-derived CBD. As a result, it is crucial to ensure the brand has a valid certificate of authority (COA) from a recognized and certified lab.  The benefit or our UK CBD shop is we do all the hard work for you.

How do I find the most cost-effective CBD Shop?

You may have noticed the price of a lot of products have dropped significantly. This is for multiple reasons, in particular the price of CBD itself has dropped significantly. The US 2018 farm bill allows for the widespread growing of hemp. This has created more availability of CBD oil, and lowered prices. In addition, the U.K. novel food regulation which came into force on March 31, 2021, prohibits the sale of products infused with CBD, if the CBD ingredient has not been approved by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the UK. This has meant many brands have dumped product by slashing prices as technically they are no longer allowed to sell it.

We like to stress to new customers the cheapest CBD does not mean you are getting the same experience as more expensive brands. How you grow and process CBD makes a huge difference. We are proud to stock only the brands we trust, t a range of prices for the value conscious and the luxury consumer. Not all CBD in these products is the same, and its why there is a price differential. While it has been great to see lower prices, we would caution anybody trying to buy the cheapest CBD on the market. At best, it will likely give you a headache. At worst it likely contains levels of heavy metals that could be harmful to your health.