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The Infinity CBD Story

Infinity CBD products are lovingly hand crafted and hail from Wales

At GreenBox we love supporting local, British businesses. Our travels last year led us to discover Infinity CBD. It’s an amazing collective from a small rural town in the far reaches of south west Wales.

Their mission was simple: create a range of naturally formulated products using traceable ingredients at a good price point. Infinity CBD are also planet conscious, so we quickly hit it off. The team plan to plant a tree for every product sold. We love this planet friendly angle! Their range and ethics fit perfectly with GreenBox and it quickly became a best selling range.

We caught up with the Infinity CBD team for this short virtual interview. Find out what makes the products special, how it all began, and why they do what they do.


What is the back story of Infinity CBD?

The founders did a trial run in December 2018 and it was then that the business officially launched. The idea was to see how receptive people might be to CBD and its uses.  The founders were pleasantly surprised early on at the reception it received. At the time, the industry was very young – and still is – and a lot of the popular rival products were imports. Most had artificial ingredients. No solid research appeared to be going into the ingredients selection. There also seemed to be a lack of 100% natural products. Few offered lab reports and worst of all, misleading labelling was rife.

After the successful trial run, the founders decided there was a clear opportunity for all natural, locally formulated products with thoughtful ingredient selection. Infinity CBD was born!


What was the turning point for the brand?

The shop was open for just two months, so quite early on! The leader of a local Fibromyalgia support group located in South Wales approached the founders. This awful condition causes long term pain all over the body. This lady asked if the founders could come along and give a talk about CBD. A lot of customers had already found the shop and were coming in to enquire about whether Infinity CBD could help their symptoms. The founders were curious to learn more about the issues the support group are facing. The truth is, Infinity CBD cannot make any medical claims. But they could simply point customers in the direction of the products and offer education.

The first hour of the session was spent listening to the workshop leader explain to new members what Fibromyalgia is, what it’s like to live with, and how to cope. It was then that the founders realised the severity of this condition. More importantly, it also brought it to life by listening to people’s experiences first hand.

From this moment, the founders passionately felt that Infinity CBD could try and help this group.


How have you formulated the products for your customers?

People with Fibromyalgia (and people in general) can often be prone to allergic reactions. Certain scents or ingredients, or even the product format used can cause issue. So, the founders focused on creating absolutely natural products. With a lot of trial and error of sample products created by Infinity CBD for the support group members, they created a selection of natural skin and body products. Each contains 100% natural ingredients with thoughtfully selected plant extracts thought to offer a variety of health benefits. CBD oil is one such example, but you can also find in the products wonderful plant extracts such as lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and coconut.


What makes Infinity CBD so unique?

Most importantly, we hand craft each and every product.  Every single cosmetic product is hand poured by Rowan, our lab technician. It’s this attention to detail that ensures we offer quality and consistency. We also developed these products using feedback from genuine CBD users with advanced conditions. We only released them once we had consistently positive results with the set formula. Once this stage is complete, the product formula passes through all the necessary safety assessments.


A fun fact about each of the founders?

Adam – He loves hanging off things. He’s an avid climber, new to the sport but excelling as a natural.

Andrew – He does an incredible impression of Chewbacca from Star Wars.

Joe – In the past he ran various recording studios and he produced albums for international musicians. He also has a guitar shop and juggles other businesses, as well as a young family!

Rowan – He is allergic to cats, but strangely not to tigers! He found this out when working on a documentary about tiger conservation which involved getting very close with them.


What are the most popular products?

We developed a lot of our CBD products in UK with a local Fibro support group. We refined the recipes and delivery systems for the best results for them. By far, our most popular products within the range are the CBD Calm Stick, Nature’s Balm and Muscle Salve.

So there you have it, the story of how Infinity CBD was born. It’s clear to us why their products are unique, and we are proud to stock them on GreenBox. Explore the full range Infinity CBD range.

Infinity CBD Calm Stick
Infinity CBD Calm Stick
Infinity CBD Nature's Balm
Infinity CBD Nature's Balm
Infinity CBD Muscle Salve
Infinity CBD Muscle Salve