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Top 5 Natural Skin Care Products You Should Try

If you are looking for the best natural skincare products in the UK, then we have you covered. Offering complete collections of vegan, plant-based products, customers enjoy a range of benefits when using Green Box skincare.

Continue reading to discover our 5 best natural skincare products.

Wunder Workshop Golden Glow

Golden Glow

Our Wunder Workshop Golden Glow is designed to give you a boost and radiant glow from the inside out. With ingredients such as Maca and Tumeric, your stress levels will reduce, energy levels increased and your skin looking and feeling healthy. Bursting with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory qualities, your skin will feel calm and soothed.

Enjoy at any time of the day by adding to a hot drink, smoothie or shake!

Wildtree Skincare Organic Body Butter

Organic Body Butter

If you want to feel moisturised and soothed, then our Wildtree Skincare Organic Body Butter is for you! Packed with superfoods including Macadamia oil and Shea butter, your skin will feel nourished and free from irritation. One of the best parts about our body butter is that it smells amazing, leaving you fresh feeling fresh after your bath or shower.

Wildtree Skincare Organic Baobab Oil

For a versatile product that can be used in both your skincare and haircare routines, choose Wildtree Skincare Organic Baobab Oil. Affordable for all, it rejuvenates and hydrates skin without clogging pores, creating a smooth and silky appearance. Enriched with vitamins A, D, E and F, it is great for use before bed to refresh and brighten the skin overnight.

Wildtree Skincare Organic Cleansing Face Balm

Organic Face Balm

To remove make-up and cleanse your face the natural way, choose Wildtree Skincare Organic Cleansing Face Balm. The perfect blend of ingredients works to remove any make-up, dirt and dead skin cells, leaving you with a radiant glow.

Say goodbye to make-up and clogged pores with this fantastic face balm. With Safflower oil, Shea butter, Baobab oil and more, your skin will look and feel soothed, non-irritated, moisturised and rejuvenated. What could be better?

Cerious Soothing Skin Serum

Cerious Soothing Skin Serum

With 300mg of CBD extract and 99% natural ingredients, the Cerious Soothing Skin Serum has fantastic healing properties for sore, irritated and itchy skin. The cooling botanicals such as chamomile and peppermint promote a healthy balance in the skin and the ingredients are perfectly blended to leave a smooth, non-greasy finish.

Add a few drops to your daily moisturiser or apply directly to the skin. Whether you enjoy your skincare routine in the morning or evening, Cerious Soothing Skin Serum is the perfect addition.

Choose Green Box for Your Skincare Essentials

All of the best natural products for skin care can be found here at Green Box. Our entire range is vegan, plant-based and sustainable, offering incredible benefits for both your skin and the environment. With in-depth knowledge of CBD and the positive effects it has on your skin, you will feel rejuvenated, restored and balanced when using our products.

Shop our natural skincare products today or get in touch to discuss your unique requirements.