Turmeric and its benefits

Today we pay homage to turmeric and the benefits it can bring to the wellness regime. It gives Indian curry its yellow colour, and we all know and love it for that. But, it packs a powerful wellness punch too. Medicine has long used it for its yellow coloured extract, curcumin. It is this that is responsible for the many touted health benefits.


A golden history

Turmeric has a deep history of medical use. Ancient Indian and Chinese traditional medicines relied on it as far back as 5000 years ago. Excavators found 2500 year old pots with turmeric residues in them. Around 250 BC, an ancient Indian tribe’s famous medical book, The Compendium, referred to it being used to relieve the effects of poisoned food.

“Indian saffron” is another name it goes by, because of its bright yellow colour. Indian saffron, as its known contains the highest content of bio active curcumin. This is why it is considered to be the best quality in the world. India produces nearly all of the world’s turmeric and consumes 80% of it.


What can turmeric do for my wellness

Turmeric brings many potential health benefits. Examples include the potential to prevent heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. These are large and exciting claims that science is still exploring. We highlight the main properties that underpin its potential medical benefits below.

An antioxidant:

Any wellness regime should include plant extracts rich in antioxidants. These protect the body from free radicles. If left unattended, free radicles damage cells in the body and science has linked them to human disease, cancer, and ageing. As a result, we suggest that all wellness regimes should contain a rich plant based antioxidant such as turmeric.

An anti inflammatory:

Science increasingly supports the idea that chronic inflammation in the body contributes to many common diseases. Curcumin is effective at blocking specific inflammatory signalling molecules, which results in an anti inflammatory effect. Hence, a plant extract with anti inflammatory properties such as turmeric is potentially boosts overall wellness.


What about cancer

Cancer Research has suggested the use of curcumin in the fight against certain cancers. The Charity needs to see more research before promoting the plant based extract, though. One study in particular tested the addition of curcumin in the chemotherapy treatment of bowel cancer. The results suggested the combined treatment could be more effective than without curcumin.


Adding it to your wellness regime

The effects are best achieved through ingestion, even at low levels, over long periods of time. A daily supplement or oil drops are therefore a perfect way to add it to your wellness regime.

Vitality CBD Drops with turmeric

If taking capsules makes you wince, try these wonderful plant powered CBD drops. Vitality CBD expertly formulated these CBD drops with turmeric and vitamin D3, which is understood to aid muscle recovery so is an ideal post workout lift.

KannaSwiss Daily Booster Shots

This is a powerful plant extract shot to boost the day ahead. These shots contain hemp oil, curcumin, and crocus (saffron). Somehow, KannaSwiss also managed to pack in a rich blend of daily vitamins and minerals. This is an ideal immunity booster.