how to use cbd bath bombs

How to Use CBD Bath Bombs in 3 Easy Steps (+ Benefits & FAQs)

To use CBD (cannabidiol) bath bombs, fill your bathtub with warm water. 

Then, drop a CBD bath bomb in. Once it dissolves, jump in and enjoy the experience!

Read on to discover more about CBD bath bombs, including their ingredient content and five surprising benefits

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How to Use CBD Bath Bombs?

CBD bath bombs are bath bomb products infused with CBD extract. 

To prepare your CBD-infused bath, drop the bath bomb into hot water and wait for it to dissolve. 

Here are some tips for a relaxing bathing experience:

  • The optimal bathwater temperature should be around 35-37 degrees Celsius. 
  • Use a CBD infused bath bomb once every 3 days and about 2 hours before or after meals. 
  • Soak in a CBD-infused bath for at least 30 minutes to get optimal results.

Up for an immersive and relaxing bath time to unwind after a long and busy day?

Try our CBD bath salt and CBD oil bath bomb products:

  • Vitality CBD Bath Bomb: This gentle CBD bath product contains 100mg of CBD, infused with delicate aromas of lavender and chamomile. You’ll have an unforgettable bath experience like no other!
  • Mission C Lavender + CBD Bath Bomb: This aromatic bath bomb contains 100mg of CBD, magnesium-rich Epsom salts, and soothing lavender and rosehip scent — everything you need to replenish your body and mind.
  • Vitality CBD Infused Epsom Bath Salts: With 100mg of CBD and a gentle rose aroma, this Epsom salt CBD product can alleviate body aches and help you relax. 

Vitality CBD Bath Bomb

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5 CBD Bath Bomb Health Benefits 

Here are five reasons to use a CBD bath bomb the next time you take a hot bath:

  • Better Skin Health: Bath bombs infused with CBD and essential oils can improve your skin — keeping it hydrated and reducing signs of ageing.
  • Pain Relief: CBD-infused baths (and CBD topicals) are a great way to achieve pain relief. It can soothe sore muscles and reduce inflammation and chronic pain.  
  • Lower Stress Levels: A warm bath can generally make you feel more relaxed. Add a CBD bath bomb to it, and voila! You’ll feel enhanced tranquility and reduced stress and anxiety levels.  
  • Better Sleep: Using a CBD bath bomb before you go to bed can help you fall asleep more easily and sleep better.
  • Mood Improvement: CBD can help you relax and feel calmer and more balanced. 

4 CBD Bath Bomb FAQs

Let’s look at the answers to some common questions about CBD bath bombs: 

1. What are the Ingredients in CBD Bath Bombs?

In addition to CBD extract, these bath bombs may include natural ingredients like:

  • Citric acid
  • Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
  • Different fragrances
  • Essential oils (coconut oil, shea butter, hemp oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus, etc.)

2. How Much CBD is in a Bath Bomb?

There’s usually between 25-100 mg of CBD per bath bomb.

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3. Can a CBD Bath Bomb Get You High?

CBD bath bombs cannot make you feel high since these products are free of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol — the psychoactive cannabinoids in a cannabis or hemp plant).

4. Are There Any Potential Risks to Using CBD Bath Bombs?

If you have a skin condition like eczema, sensitive skin, or are intolerant to some ingredients, you might experience mild side effects. 

To avoid skin irritation, we recommend doing a patch test. 

Dilute some of the product and apply it to a small area of your skin. If you notice any skin rash or swelling, discontinue the product and consult your doctor immediately.  

Use The Best CBD Bath Bombs in the UK

Using a CBD bath bomb is quite simple. 

Follow the handy steps and tips we covered here to enjoy a relaxing CBD bath in no time. 

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