potion london

Welcoming Potion London

We are excited at GreenBox to add the Potion London line-up to our platform.  Their best-selling Eat Your Greens is the perfect self-care product to ensure you get your “Five-a Day”. The genius behind the brand is a qualified Facialist looking to create products to help prevent and reverse aging from the inside out.

We spoke with founder Alexa Mullane to help us learn more about this plant positive brand. A new mom, she is currently juggling working with motherhood. Yet she was kind enough to answer our questions while rocking a sleeping baby with the other hand. Mom power!


A Beauty Marketer with a Passion for Nutrition

My background is in beauty marketing for some major brands and retailers. This experience coupled with a passion for nutrition led me to seek out beauty supplements for myself. I could not find any brands that ticked all my requirements: made in the UK, quality ingredients, and affordable. So, I decided to research the market and see if I could do any better. As a result, Potion London was born!


Affordable Wellness

Potion London’s ethos is quality products that do not cost the earth. Potion’s supplements complement an ongoing healthy lifestyle and are taken every day. Most daily capsules are quite expensive which isn’t affordable for most over a long period. My goal was to create a quality range that would be affordable to keep using.


Supplements for All Ages

Our core customer is mainly females between 30-60. The younger end takes the supplements to help prevent aging. Meanwhile our older customers like to take Potion to help prevent and reverse further aging. We have many male customers aged 30-40, too. They mostly like to take the Eat Your Greens and the Multibiotic to help maintain a healthy diet and boost with energy levels. All our customers care about their health and have busy lifestyles which means they need the convenience.


Eat Your Greens

I am proud of this product; it is a natural formula with organic super green veg. The idea is that people can better reach their five-a-day with this product. It is perfect for those days when life takes over and we end up with beans on toast for dinner! It is a popular supplement because it contains veg (and therefore nutrients) that we do not necessarily get enough of in our daily diets. For example, it is unusual to have spirulina in our diets and yet it contains an amazing level of amino acids, antioxidants and other nutrients. Therefore, it’s one of our planet’s superfoods and has a host of health benefits.


Gut Health

The Multibiotic is also popular because not only is it a high strength formula (5 billion bacteria per capsule) but it also contains six strains of probiotics. This is good because many products available from other brands contain just one or two strains. The benefit to having more strains is they perform different jobs inside our bodies. Together they are more likely to contribute to our health and immune system.


Potion London’s Best Seller

The Beauty Formula is one of our best sellers because not only does it contain nutrients targeting healthy hair, skin, and nails (for example, vitamin C, biotin, zinc, pantothenic acid), but it is also a great all-rounder daily multivitamin. You do not have to be trying to improve your appearance to take this product – the mix of 19 vitamins and minerals also help to support overall health and the immune system. It also contains Vitamin D, which is essential for our health and wellness, especially now.


A Life Positive Philosophy

I am an eternal optimist and I love the saying ‘if you can dream it, you can do it’. I always look for the good in people and situations and I believe that everything happens for a reason.


Thanks Alexa! GreenBox is so excited to bring the Potion London range to our plant powered friends.