What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is the newest buzzword in health and wellness. And no, it’s not the same as the Biohackers Netflix series you might be watching. The term ‘Biohacking‘ in the UK is a catch-all for techniques to understand our own biology and live longer. Hollyoak’s Davinia Taylor credits biohacking for her body and mind transformation, for example. Also, a biohacker believes that with science and an open mind, we can practice preventative wellness habits. This means biohacking could help fight ageing and improve our health. At the bottom of this blog you’ll find your very own biohacking kit of supplements to get your started.


Biohacks for health

It could be as simple as adding an herbal supplement to your routine. Or as complex as implanting a microchip in your hand. The possibilities are endless. However, what is key with biohacking is making positive changes to our daily routine using science and data. So, here we provide you with some basic recommends to start biohacking. We’ve even created a special GreenBox starter biohacker kit. Enjoy!


Cannabidiol (CBD)

Your body has its own mechanism called the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which helps keep the body in balance and fights inflammation. But did you know there is a natural solution which mimics a molecule the body produces on its own. It can help with biohacking stress and calm the mind.  This natural solution is called the cannabis plant, or hemp in the UK and Europe. While there is a lot of misconceptions about cannabis, a biohacker moves past the noise and look at the facts. The hemp plant produces over 100 cannabinoids, including CBD. CBD is completely legal in the UK and Europe.

So we have written extensively about the health benefits of CBD and the momentum continues to gather for this hero plant extract.  It works by replicating a compound that is naturally produced by the body called 2-AG, which fights inflammation throughout the body.  As a result, it helps the body remove those nagging bits of inflammation that can turn into chronic inflammation and trigger conditions like auto-stress.  We are learning chronic inflammation may be one of the root causes of a whole host of age-related diseases.  As a result, reducing chronic inflammation is key to extending your lifespan.



The word nootropic is used to refer to any natural or synthetic substance that may have a positive impact on your mental skills. It can come in the form of a dietary supplement or a prescription drug. Nootropics supplements are often referred to as “smart drugs” or a cognitive enhancer. They should be the cornerstone of any biohacker’s toolbox. In fact, you are probably already using a form of one today. E.g. caffeine, which is a natural stimulant which improves thinking skills and alertness. It can also help with short-term memory and learning. Other dietary supplements you may have seen include ginseng and ginkgo, but there is not yet much clinical data to support their use.

There are also more rare nootropics you may not have heard of which hold promise, too. Examples include:

L-theanine: This supplement can enhance the mental effects of caffeine without the jitteriness.  There is research out there that shows combining this with caffeine can help the brain multi-task better.

CDP-choline:  This can help with memory, and with no known side effects, it is safe for use.

Bacop monnieri:  This is an ayurvedic herb, which is sometimes to referred to by its traditional name of Brahmi. This has been used for centuries to improve how quickly our brain processes information.  It can take a month or so before you start to see the effects, so be patient.


Prebiotics and Probiotics

A happy gut is essential for good digestion. It ensures the body can absorb all the nutrients from what we eat.  So, it helps to avoid the brain fog commonly felt after a meal, and increase mental awareness.  Probiotics are live bacteria and are most found in foods like yogurt. Probiotics break down food fibres into valuable nutrients the body needs. It therefore helps boost immune strength.

While prebiotics like fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) are natural plant fibres.  They are an ideal food for friendly probiotic bacteria in the gut. As a result, they help boost gut bacteria. This in turn helps produce nutrients to support a healthier digestive system and maintain balance. So, biohacking your gut to ensure proper digestion and nutrient absorption is essential for improving your overall wellness.


Your Starter Biohacking Kit

We’ve put together the ideal gifts for biohackers, be that yourself or a friend in need! Drop these three products in your cart to get your biohacking kit from GreenBox.

Body (CBD) – Love Hemp 1200mg CBD Capsules.  These CBD pills come in 20mg servings, which is perfect for getting your daily dose of CBD.  Do not get discouraged early on. It takes consistent use of about 6 weeks before you will start to notice any chances.  This serving size of 60 capsules allows you to try it out and see if it works for you.  Love Hemp is the number 1 selling CBD brand in the U.K.

Brain (Nootropics) – Innermost Focus Capsules.  Get that brain working at 100% with this mental booster.   This product contains key nootropics like CDP-Choline to boost brain cognition and Bacopa Monnieri to help with memory.

Gut (Probiotics) – Hello Day Bioharmony Balance.   This product is a blend of multiple probiotics with a prebiotic. The combination helps with digestive balance and can ease bloating.


You might want to do more reading on the subject. In that case we recommend one of the best biohacking books, Ben GreenField’s Biohacking Secrets. This offers some great biohacks for health.