Why CBD Step 1

1. What is CBD (Cannabidiol)?

So, what is CBD? Before we answer the question that is on everyone’s minds, we need to give a little background on the human body first.


The extraordinary human body:

The human body is wonderfully complex. Experts have been unpicking how it works for thousands of years. We can therefore thank science for everything we know about the natural systems that keep us healthy and alive. We are all familiar with the immune system, or the digestive system, or even the nervous system. The list goes on. However, there are many more less famous systems playing equally important roles.


Enter, the endocannabinoid system:

In 1988, a particularly useful system inside the body was discovered: the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system interacts with the body’s nervous and immune systems and plays a role in a wide range of bodily functions, such as appetite, anxiety, memory, reproduction and more. The ECS has its own fuel too, called cannabinoids, which the human body naturally produces. These cannabinoids are messengers, just like like hormones are to all the organs.


So, what is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid. As mentioned, these are messengers which help the ECS to maintain harmony in the human body. Many studies have been conducted to explore if cannabinoids can help combat medical conditions such as inflammation, chronic pain, sleep, and reduce anxiety issues too. Much of this important and exciting work is ongoing.

We can boost the natural cannabinoid levels in the body by consuming plants which are rich in cannabinoids, like the hemp plant. High quality hemp extract is a great example, and it is particularly rich in CBD. This is why it is the most well known. Still, we are learning more and more every day about the power of the other components of hemp extract.


What are the health benefits?

As mentioned, there are many potential benefits of taking CBD. Many consumers find it can combat anxiety, stress, inflammation and more. We explore more of the benefits in this blog post. Healthline also provides some very good detail.

One of the more high profile benefits of CBD is its ability to significantly reduce the debilitating effects of Dravet Syndrome, a form of infantile epilepsy. GW Pharma successfully progressed through clinical trials a drug called Epidiolex, which is now FDA approved. It was shown to reduce the seizure rate down by nearly 40%. This drug is essentially 100% CBD but is derived from the cannabis plant rather than industrial hemp.


Are there any side effects?

GW Pharma’s clinical trials data is a good place to start as the Company looked at the side effects of dosage at 20mg per kg of body weight per day. So, for an average adult human weighing 62kg, the Epidiolex dosage would be 1240mg per day! The recorded side effects included sleepiness, reduced appetite, increased liver enzymes and others. Note however that the dosage was around 25x higher than the level regular consumers might take CBD for the wellness benefits we have also discussed.


CBD is legal and safe:

CBD is actually one of over one hundred cannabinoids, and many the body already naturally produces. According to the World Health Organization, it is entirely safe to consume and non-addictive. It is also legal in the UK as long as it is THC-free and not derived from the marijuana plant. At GreenBox we lab test all products before listing to assure our customers of quality and legality.

Many of the world’s regulatory bodies and large consumer products companies are sitting on their hands and waiting to see how the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) chooses to regulate this impressive ingredient. Until that time, it’s likely the Coca Cola’s of this world choose not to participate. This leaves the market open for smaller brands to establish themselves. At GreenBox we know this can mean quality is sometimes at risk, which is why we have gone to extreme lengths to bring consumers a high quality range. See the GreenBox Guarantee for more details.

GreenBox is unable to make specific claims about what the effects of CBD might be for your health due to the current UK regulatory framework, so we encourage consumers to carry out further independent research to learn more.


So, the question was not so hard to answer after all! Read the next post to learn more about the best way to take it.


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