earth day

What is Earth Day?

At GreenBox, we take the environment and the planet seriously. It is why we like to call ourselves the home of plant-based well-being. So, on 22nd April 2021 the world will celebrate Earth Day. Given the accelerating destruction of biodiversity and the increase in greenhouse gases, this day of environmental awareness has never been more important. The world’s first Earth Day was held in 1970 in the USA, and it went international in 1990. The awareness and popularity of the day has grown from there.

Where does GreenBox fit in? We started our company with the mission to provide sustainable well-being, connecting the mind to the body and to the planet. Our belief is the power of natural plants can provide much of what humans needs to lead happier and healthier lives. As a result, we took three actions to ensure this would resonate with our customers.


The GreenBox Mission

Sustainable packaging

Single-use plastic is all our enemies, and we have removed if entirely from our GreenBox packaging. We also encourage our brands to commit to removing it from their products. However, where there is plastic, it is likely because of healthy and safety measures that do not yet have a non-plastic alternative.


Carbon reduction and offsetting

Carbon reduction and offsetting. You may have heard the term “carbon neutral”, as all your favourite consumer companies are rushing to declare they will be “net zero” by 2050.   The sad truth is this is not enough. We are pumping so much greenhouse gases into our environment. We need to find ways to reverse course quickly. So at GreenBox, we have done a full audit of our carbon impact and offset our 12 tonne carbon footprint by 1.5x. BeZero certifies the whole process for us. This means we take more carbon out of the atmosphere than our business adds. This was our 2020 commitment, and we will continue this going forward.  These are not empty words, this is action.


Expertise in hemp and CBD

GreenBox are experts in the hemp plant and the wonders of CBD. We have been studying this amazing plant for over four years. It is still somewhat frustrating the lack of understanding about the potential for hemp across a wide-arrange of sustainable goods and well-being products. We offer you the latest insights on the hemp and CBD products from our expert panels, while keeping you updated on the latest research and regulatory developments. On top of this, we highlight other plant-based alternatives and recommendations for sustainability.


Three Easy Tips to Help the Planet on Earth Day

Avoid plastic packaging

This is often harder to do than it seems. So, start with something simple. For example, stop using plastic utensils that come with your take-away food! There are easy alternatives out there now which are planet friendly. But it’s equally possible to buy travel cutlery which you can have with you at all times, too.


Support clean energy

There are many renewable energy providers in the UK now, and its easy to switch over to them.   We signed up with Octopus Energy, but there is a whole menu of options out there for consumers to choose.  It’s probably the easiest way to reduce your carbon footprint today.


Do not mow the lawn

What? The longer grass is better for insects and better for bees. As a result, it improves the biodiversity around your home. It may not look as good, but you can tell your neighbours you are doing your part for the environment. Of course, this will not help if you have fake grass, so add some planters out there instead.

We hope you have a Happy Earth Day!