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Natural CBD Versus Synthetic

So you’ve read the Ultimate CBD Guide on GreenBox and you’re now a CBD aficionado. Congratulations! Now we want to explore a topic which is not so well known. What is natural CBD? Can it be anything other than natural? We’ll dig into this below and highlight the facts from the mistruths. You can rest assured that 100% of GreenBox CBD products online contain only natural CBD.


What is natural CBD?

Natural CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. The extraction process itself is highly scientific. it usually relies on either a CO2 or ethanol based extraction process. The benefits and differences between the two approaches continue to be debated in the industry today.

To put it simply, it’s generally understood that an ethanol based approach extracts the CBD along with many other favourable molecules in the hemp plant. Molecules such as other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes. When we talk about a product that contains natural CBD, very often it means it also contains these other favourable molecules too. This concoction of plant based content is what is called a ‘broad spectrum format’ and it is thought to have stronger health benefits than CBD in its pure form. This is called the ‘entourage effect‘.

It is important to highlight that GreenBox is a strong believer in all things plant-based wellness. Therefore, we only stock products that contain natural CBD.


What you need to know about synthetic CBD:

Some brands on the market contain synthetic CBD, and this is produced using a complex chemical process. It is never derived from the plant. Therefore, any product relying on synthetic CBD will not contain the health-boosting other plant based molecules found in the hemp plant. The entourage effect which is understood to enhance the effect of CBD cannot take place. This is why it is so important to know where the CBD comes from and how it is produced!


So there you have it. It’s all about natural, plant based at GreenBox and we believe that is the future.

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