Why CBD Step 3

3. What’s the right CBD dosage?

Our bodies are all unique. So the way our natural systems respond when taking CBD is unique to us too. That’s why GreenBox recommends that consumers find their ideal CBD dosage by careful experimentation.


CBD dosage and where to start:

Many brands make a daily dosage recommendation on the product packaging, and this is a perfectly fine place to start too. For example, top quality German pharmaceutical brand Ayucana recommends a CBD dosage for healthy adults of 50mg per day. But remember that CBD is entirely safe according to the WHO, even at extremely high dosages. So, we believe that it’s important that new CBD consumers find their ideal dose by experimenting to find what is right for them.


Increase CBD dosage gradually:

Begin by taking a low initial daily dose or a brand’s recommended dose. Then, gradually raise it by 10mg CBD per day until you begin to feel its effect. It’s important to explore and find out what works for you. When you are happy with the effect you are experiencing, maintain the CBD dosage steady from there onwards.


CBD application to skin & body:

GreenBox makes a similar recommendation when applying CBD infused to skin & body. Apply the product liberally on the problem area as part of your daily routine. Increase the number of applications per day until you feel its effect. CBD is understood to have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties so applying topically is an effective application method.


Government recommendation:

The UK government’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has stepped in to recommend that consumers take no more than 70mg daily. GreenBox feels it is important to highlight this to our consumers. However, we understand there are many examples today where consumers take significantly higher dosage with no side effects. It is up to our consumer’s discretion to find a daily CBD dosage that is right for them.


Now you know how to approach CBD dosage. Read the next post to learn more about how to buy CBD.


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