When Should I Take CBD Oil Morning or Night

When Should I Take CBD Oil: Morning or Night?

CBD oil is a versatile wellness supplement that’s beneficial both in the morning and night. 

A morning dose can provide sustained energy to tackle your to-do list. At the same time, CBD’s calming effects can help you unwind post-work and sleep better.

So there’s no right or wrong time to take your CBD oils. It boils down to your desired benefits and lifestyle.

Let’s explore how you should time your CBD dosage.

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When Should I Take CBD Oil Morning Or Night?

Morning or night, you can take CBD oil as needed to experience its various health benefits.  

Just ensure you don’t miss your daily dose, which often happens when starting any new supplement. 

So we recommend first-time CBD users make the supplement a part of their daily routine. You can club your dose with breakfast, lunch, or evening tea

Now, let’s look at the best time to take CBD oil for some specific benefits:

1. Enhanced Focus and Productivity

Going through a dreaded energy slump?

Take your CBD oil products in the morning, preferably before a work session.

It can give you a quick energy boost and mental clarity (without the jittery effects common with coffee). And most importantly, it can free you from stress — a deceptive productivity killer.

You can even use these energising effects of CBD to pump up your gym sessions. 

Take a few drops of CBD oil or CBD tincture before your workouts for a quick energy boost!

Need a delicious, pre-workout CBD oil?
Try the orange-flavoured drops from Vitality CBD. This CBD product contains Ashwagandha and Vitamin B12 for an added energy boost. 

2. Muscle and Joint Pain Relief

If you suffer from sore muscles and joints, CBD oil can give you fast pain relief whenever you need it.

For the best results, take your required dose under the tongue (sublingual) and let your body’s Endocannabinoid System do the rest.

You can also use CBD topicals like a CBD cream or balm for managing chronic pain better.

CBD topicals directly interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin to ease pain and inflammation.

Looking for a soothing CBD topical?
Try the cooling CBD muscle rub from Fourfive! It’s enriched with natural pain-relievers like menthol and is free from THC and heavy metals.

Fourfive CBD Muscle Rub

Side note: The benefits you get from CBD will vary based on how well it’s absorbed by your body (CBD bioavailability). It depends on many factors, including the type of CBD product, its CBD content, your body weight, and body chemistry. 

3. Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety, and its physical and mental side effects, can affect you at any time of the day.

So reach out for your favourite CBD oil whenever you feel overwhelmed by anxiety

It could be right before a crucial meeting during the day or to calm your mind’s chatter before bed.

Find CBD oil a little inconvenient to use in the office?

Try edibles like a CBD capsule or CBD gummy instead! 

These CBD capsules from Love Hemp will perfectly fit into your active schedule. It’s made from natural hemp extract and is free from THC and harmful additives.

Loev Hemp 300mg Capsules

Pro tip: For a stronger anti-anxiety effect, use a broad spectrum CBD oil instead of a CBD isolate based product. It contains terpenes that can help reduce anxiety, making it more effective.

4. Better Sleep

Struggling with sleep problems?

The ideal time to take your cannabidiol dose for good sleep is an hour or two before bedtime. It can help you fall asleep faster and boost your sleep quality and duration.

Research suggests that CBD helps reduce cortisol — a stress hormone that could disrupt your sleep cycle and cause insomnia.

But if you don’t enjoy the natural CBD flavour, you wouldn’t want to end your day with it.

Try this Vitality CBD oil with a tempting cherry flavour instead. It’ll surely cheer your taste buds as your prepare for a deep slumber.

Or fancy a deeply relaxing bath before sleep?
Indulge yourself with these Vitality CBD bath bombs. Its heavenly aroma of lavender and chamomile will relax you to the core. 

Vitality CBD Bath Bomb

Morning or Night? It Depends on Your Needs!

The best time of day to take CBD oil is whenever you feel it fits into your daily routine. 

A morning dose of CBD can help you get through the day’s work without fatigue. On the other hand, an evening or night dose can be a terrific sleep aid. 

If you’re looking for natural CBD products, check out GreenBox’s wide range of best CBD oil supplements, CBD edibles (gummy, capsule), and topicals (CBD balm, cream).